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Team Staff

Stasiowski, Brian Coach
Faustine Rose Division
Garibaldi Club Beane, Steve Manager 508-769-4158
  Hogan, Larry Coach 508-746-0536
  Fantoni, Pete Coach 1-774-454-6198
  Savage, Dave Coach 617-212-5953
  Iamele, Mike Coach 508-944-9386

John Alden Sportsman Club Heine, Kurt Manager 617-312-2207
  Keefe, Jim Coach

Nolan Insurance Caraher, Paul Manager
  Nolan, Bill Coach
  Roos, Ken Coach 508-776-2399
  Gomes, Frank Coach

Rogers & Gray Insurance Agency Cappola, Tony Manager 508-564-3313
  Henderson, Mike Coach

Seaside Club Luongo, Anthony Manager 508-380-0785
  McNamee, Chris Assistant Coach 508-732-0370
  Holbrook, Bud Skype Coach 617-852-0057

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1822 Prifti, Zach Manager 774-269-2378
  Parker, Chris Coach 508-224-5852, 617.259-6874
  Manfredi, Marc Coach
  Prifti, Mike Score Keeper

WPLM Stephens, Curt Manager 508-333-9817, 508-759-1612
  Spellman, Mike Coach
  Tympanick, Matt Coach

Young America Club Hanna, James Manager 508-830-3802
  South, Dave Coach
  McLoud, John Coach
  Crowley, John Coach
Chet Downie Division
B & B Auto Body Guay, Mark Coach (617) 997-7815 , Call or Text
  Washburn, Glenn Coach (508) 287-0007
  Hoisington Sr., Todd Coach (774) 454-8588

Cabby Shack McRae, Leo Manager (508)830-1091, (781)367-5678
  Haugh, David Coach (508) 746-9316, (508) 335-0897
  Shah, Shyamal Coach (508)746-4608, (717)492-3109
  Brown, Scott Coach (781) 389-8987
  Jepson, Keith Coach (774) 269-5641

John Alden Sportsman Club Wylie, Steve Manager 508-746-1475
  Monsini, Richard Coach 774-826-7161
  Wylie, Austin Coach
  Wylie, Jordan Coach

Plymouth Tire Iamele, Michael Manager 508-830-3180, 508-944-9386
  Dhooge, Rich Coach
  Foley, Neil Coach

Seaside Club Rothberg, Mike Manager 508-326-5982
  Villano, Mark Coach
  Paul, Gilbert Coach
  Nigro, Paul Coach

SmartPak Wilson, Kevin manager
  Smith, Gordon coach 774-283-4858, 508-844-1058
Old Colony Senior Babe Ruth
Plimoth Glass Spellman, Mike Manager 508-759-6861, 617-388-9779

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