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Team Staff

Faustine Rose Division
Garibaldi Club Beane, Steve Manager 508-769-4158
  Hogan, Larry Coach 508-746-0536
  Fantoni, Pete Coach 1-774-454-6198
  Savage, Dave Coach 617-212-5953

John Alden Sportsman Club Heine, Kurt Manager 617-312-2207
  Goldring, Andy Coach 508-317-2913
  Keefe, Jim Coach
  Rothberg, Mike Coach

Nolan Insurance Caraher, Paul Manager
  Nolan, Bill Coach
  Roos, Ken Coach 508-776-2399
  Gomes, Frank Coach

Rogers & Gray Insurance Agency Cappola, Tony Manager 508-564-3313
  Henderson, Mike Coach

Seaside Club Luongo, Anthony Manager 508-380-0785
  McNamee, Chris Assistant Coach 508-732-0370
  Holbrook, Bud Skype Coach 617-852-0057

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1822 Prifti, Zach Manager 774-269-2378
  Parker, Chris Coach 508-224-5852, 617.259-6874
  Manfredi, Marc Coach
  Prifti, Mike Score Keeper

WPLM Stephens, Curt Manager 508-333-9817, 508-759-1612
  Spellman, Mike Coach
  Tympanick, Matt Coach

Young America Club Hanna, James Manager 508-830-3802
  South, Dave Coach
  McLoud, John Coach
  Crowley, John Coach
Chet Downie Division
B & B Auto Body Guay, Mark Coach (617) 997-7815 , Call or Text
  Washburn, Glenn Coach (508) 287-0007
  Hoisington Sr., Todd Coach (774) 454-8588

Cabby Shack McRae, Leo Manager (508)830-1091, (781)367-5678
  Haugh, David Coach (508) 746-9316, (508) 335-0897
  Shah, Shyamal Coach (508)746-4608, (717)492-3109
  Brown, Scott Coach (781) 389-8987
  Jepson, Keith Coach (774) 269-5641

John Alden Sportsman Club Wylie, Steve Manager 508-746-1475
  Monsini, Richard Coach 774-826-7161
  Wylie, Austin Coach
  Wylie, Jordan Coach

Plymouth Tire Newcombe, David Manager 5085175173
  Marani, Jim Coach
  Mitchell, William Coach

Seaside Club Banzi, Don Manager
  Villano, Mark Coach
  Petersen, Scott Coach
  Paul, Gilbert Coach
  Nigro, Paul Coach

SmartPak Wilson, Kevin manager 508-224-3602, 774-773-1128
Old Colony Senior Babe Ruth
Plimoth Glass Spellman, Mike Manager 508-759-6861, 617-388-9779
13U American Caraher, Paul Manager
  Manfredi, Marc Coach
  Prifti, Zach Coach
  Goldring, Andy Coach
  Crowley, John Coach

13U National Luongo, Anthony Manager
  Tassinari, Barry Coach
  Hurley, Jimmy Coach
  Trimberger, Dan Coach
  Sullivan, Tom Coach

14U Parker, Chris Coach
  Hanna, Jim Coach
  Nolan, Bill Coach
  Heine, Kurt Coach
  Beane, Steve Coach
  Iamele, Mike Coach

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