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Team Staff

Fraser, Todd Coach
  Fraser, Robert Coach
  O'Keefe, Kevin Coach
Faustine Rose Division
Garibaldi Club Parker, Chris Manager
  Durocher , Dave Coach
  Fabry, Brian Coach 508-927-2490
  Flanagan, Paul Coach

John Alden Sportsman Club Keefe, Jim Manager
  Goldring, Andy Coach 508-317-2913

Nolan Insurance Caraher, Paul Manager
  Gomes, Frank Coach
  Nolan, Brian Coach
  Audette, Tom Coach

Rogers & Gray Insurance Agency Banzi, Don Manager 774-269-6671
  Gecse, Damon Coach
  Newcomb, David Coach
  Trimberger, Dan Coach
  Maher, Dave Coach,, damaher@

Seaside Club Luongo, Anthony Manager 508-380-0785
  Sullivan, Tom Coach 781-864-5053

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1822 Prifti, Zach Manager 774-269-2378
  Manfredi, Marc Coach
  Prifti, Mike Coach
  Peruzzi, Larry Coach

WPLM Loranger, Marc Manager
  Rodden, Steve Coach
  Mitchell, William Coach
  Viscariello, Tony Coach
  Johnson, Scott Coach

Young America Club Crowley, John Manager
  Tassinari, Barry Coach
  Beatty, Mike Coach
  Petersen, Scott Coach
Chet Downie Division
Cabby Shack Jepson, Keith Head Coach (774) 269-5641;
  Haugh, David Assistant Coach (508) 746-9316, (508) 335-0897
  Brown, Scott Assistant Coach (781) 389-8987

SmartPak Guay, Mark Coach 774 283 2358, 617 997 7815
  Sullivan, Tom Coach 781 864 5053
  Rocchi, Fran Coach 508 224 6075
  Wilson, Kevin Coach 774 773 1128

Teamwork PT Wylie, Steve Manager 508-746-1475
  Wylie, Austin Coach
  Mcloud, Scott Coach
Travel Teams
15/14 4 for 4 Prifti, Zach Manager
  Gecse, Damon Coach
  Gomes, Frank Coach
  Caraher, Paul Coach
Old Colony Senior Babe Ruth
Plimoth Glass Spellman, Mike Manager 508-759-6861, 508-726-2687
  Stark, Doug Coach
13's Gomes, Frank Manager

14's Caraher, Paul Manager
13U Parker, Chris Manager 6172596874
  Peruzzi, Larry Coach
  Maher, Dave Coach,, damaher@

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