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League procedure for stopping games due to rain


Written by: League Administrator
Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Due to the high volume of calls from parents this year concerned with their players playing during rain, we feel it important for all to understand the procedure in starting and stopping games due to the rain. First of all, starting a game is decided by the home team manager who should involve the away manager also in making that decision. Once a game starts it is now in the hands of the umpire only. The managers and parents have no say in stopping a game. If a manager ever took his team off of the field because he felt the weather was too bad to continue to play, his team would forfeit. The umpires have been instructed once a game starts to do everything in their power to get in an official game, 5 innings. They have been instructed to keep a close eye on 5 things. The mound area, the home plate area, the baselines, the pitchers (to make sure they are not hitting a lot of batters due to slippery baseballs) and the batters (to make sure that the bat grips are still good so that the bats aren't flying out of their hands during swings). GAMES WILL NOT BE STOPPED IF THESE 5 THINGS, IN THE OPINION OF THE UMPIRE, ARE STILL SAFE. Games are only stopped due to the game becoming unsafe to the players, not uncomfortable. We wish every game was played in sunny, 70/80 degree weather. It just doesn't happen every game. Unfortunately this year, it hasn't happened much at all. Parents and managers need to respect the decisions of the umpires. They will not put your children or players in unsafe conditions. Uncomfortable, maybe. Unsafe, never. We hope this information will help you to understand how the whole rain procedure thing works and all we can say is hopefully the sun comes soon, stays and we won't have to worry about this issue any longer.

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